The best physics professors in Iran

the best physics teachers in Iran

In recent years, thanks to the expansion of virtual education, access to Iran’s best teachers has been provided for all classes in all financial situations, and students and their families can benefit from Iran’s best teachers in all parts of Iran and the world by paying a small amount

?Who are the best physics teachers in Iran

            the best physics teacher in Iran is  Mehdi Babakhani

 Mehdi Babakhani, Mojtabi Kamiar, Mahmoud zahabi, Farid Shahriari, Masume shariat, and Mahmud zahabi and  Mehdi  Yahiavi are the best physics teachers in Iran

which have been favored by scholars due to the difference in teaching methods, and some of them have educational DVDs and some have online classes


The best physics professors in Iran

The best physics professors

 ?Is an online physics class better or a physics educational DVD

In the author’s opinion, who has many years of experience consulting with top students, using online classes is preferable, because in online classes, there is the possibility of talking with the professor and the possibility of solving problems, as well as the possibility of competing with other students, and experience has shown that most of the students who buy educational DVDs, after a short period of time, do not continue and leave the education, while the students’ participation in online classes is more

Which physics professor is better?

All the professors mentioned are among the best physics teachers in Iran, depending on your educational taste and by viewing the teaching samples of these professors, you can choose the best one for your physics education

Here, we will continue to examine the teaching methods of these great teachers of Iranian entrance exam physics and we will also

provide you with their teaching examples. Stay with us

Mehdi babakhani
 Many years of participation in radio and television programs and participation in teaching and educational projects of Gaj and Kalamchi Institute and participation in online classes of Karnameh Khard Institute and participation in the top schools of Tizhoshan in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Semnan, Tabriz and Bushehr, from Mehdi Babakhani He has made a well-known figure at the national level and in recent polls, he has been ranked first among the best physics teachers in Iran. Mehdi Babakhani’s online classes have received a lot of attention due to the high similarity of the questions in his booklet with the entrance exam questions of recent years. The level of interaction between the professor and the students is good, and he teaches physics with humor and simple narration while teaching, and facilitates the tests. It is very difficult with this method, it is one of the features of Mehdi Babakhani’s entrance physics classes. The materials provided are completely up-to-date and the training from 0 to 100 along with written tests and entrance exams have made Babakhani’s online classes attractive. Free vip class is also available. Another strength of Mehdi Babakhani’s classes is (vip means that at the end of each chapter, difficult questions are solved and analyzed for students who fight for top ranks). The number of tests solved in Babakhani’s online physics class is high, and Kalamchi tests are also analyzed and evaluated in the class In terms of troubleshooting, while teaching, teacher Babakhani’s class chat is open and responses to bugs are done, and troubleshooting is done in WhatsApp and Telegram groups during the week. See an example of Mehdi Babakhani’s teaching here (click) 
masume shariat
masume shariat:  is one of Iran’s best entrance exam physics teachers. she has an education in the field of physics. Professor masume shariat was very famous in the 70s and 80s due to the authoring of the book 100 Tips for the future generations in the old system.
 Zahabi:  is one of the old physics teachers and one of the best physics teachers in Iran. Professor Zahabi’s teaching and dialect arema serious and formal. Professor Zahabi’s knowledge is at a good level and the tests that are analyzed in his class are at a good level, but some of his students pay a lot of attention to some proof issues in their classes. Professor Zahabi, like Mehdi Babakhani and Mehdi Yahivi, are among the best physics teachers in Iran. Professor Farid Shahriari: Farid Shahriari is one of the old and veteran professors and one of the veterans of Iran’s entrance exam physics teaching, who, despite his old age, is competing with young teachers at the highest level. The white and black ones they know are professor Shahriari, one of the best physics professors in Iran and one of the best authors of physics textbooks in the 1970s. Almost all the students of the 1970s and 1980s have many memories with the physics book of the innovators of Farid Shahriari
have From the way of presentation and teaching dialect, teaching is not emotional and their teaching is full but deep and understanding. And most of the questions they solve are conceptual questions. The level of examined questions is also almost average and the concepts in his class are the focus of attention. Professor Shahriari is one of the best physics professors in Iran Mehdi Yahiavi: Mehdi Yahivi is one of the old teachers and professors in Iran’s educational environment. Yahivi was educated in the field of mechanics and Mehdi Yahivi also had a working experience as a physics teacher in Azerbaijan province (Tabriz city). The main reason for Mehdi Yahivi’s fame as one of the best physics teachers for the entrance exam was his participation in the production of entrance exam physics CDs at Venus Company in the old educational system. Also, they teach the kinesiology chapter well and the students like their teaching in this chapter. Mehdi Yahiavi is one of the best physics teachers in Iran
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